Research team scours the markets

Research team scours the markets

February 7th, 2008 12:59 GMT

Published in WEEKLY

DVB’s Research&Strategic Planning (Rasp) team has an eclectic mix of analysts. Some have been to sea, while others studied finance.

Together they publish regular updates on sectors of shipping for use by the group’s commercial offices and customers.

Heading up the operation is S Riaz Khan, the son of a former High Commissioner of Pakistan, who for many years prior to teaming up with Dagfinn Lunde in Rotterdam was better known for his Geneva-based MST.

“We look at anything that can impact on the market, either macro or micro economic,” said Khan of his current role for DVB. Rasp’s reports focus on whether a sector offers a good banking opportunity, associated sector risks and criteria unique to any part of the market.

A highly-detailed computer programme means users can test whether past projections were accurate. Data gathering is hugely time-consuming and consequently much of the information is purchased.

Ship detentions are also monitored, enabling the bank’s relationship managers to speak with clients when necessary.

“In Rasp we have people like master mariners who know what a ship looks like,” said Khan.

A couple of the team are moving internally within DVB but Khan says the intention is bring in new people to maintain it at around seven research analysts.